The Technical Side of Gavi

From the outset, Gavi has been designed to revolutionise the way embryologists undertake the vitrification process. Key to this, we recognised it is pivotal that the process of vitrification is prefaced on the basis of achieving consistent outcomes. With this outcome defined, we worked to identify the methodology and then refine it through extensive testing, thus ensuring Gavi truly is, world leading.

Unique Pod Design

The Gavi pod is a pivotal component in the Gavi process. It's unique design ensures:
  • The embryo stays positioned within the pod
  • Embryos are fully sealed inside pod before vitrification process
  • Media is exchanged around the embryo, allowing gradual diffusion of vitrification solutions
  • Thin walled pods to ensure fast vitrification and warming rates.

Developing and testing Gavi

After extensive testing, refinement and more testing, our comprehensive pre-clinical development achieved results as good as the leading open, manual systems. Consider these facts:
  • Over 10,000 mouse embryos and 26 protocols used to develop and validate optimal protocol to vitrify blastocyst stage embryos1
  • Human embryo data from donated research embryos showed equivalent results to existing open system2
  • Protocol development for cleavage stage embryos and oocytes in progress

Gavi Technical Specifications

Single Use consumables:
  • Gavi Pod
  • Gavi Medium Cartridge
  • Gavi Tip & Seal
  • Gavi Cassette
  • Gavi LN2 bucket
  • Gavi Operating Tray
  • Gavi Tweezers
  • Gavi Vial Decapper
  • Gavi Storage Dividers
  • Gavi Warming Station
  • Standardised and controlled protocol (volume, time, temperature)
  • Fully closed system free from LN2 contamination
  • Precision microfluidic dispense accuracy (@1µl +/- 0.2µl)
  • Run up to 4 embryos and 8 oocyte/cleavage stage embryos simultaneously
  • Fast vitrification and warming rates
  • Interactive touch screen display
  • Power supply: 10A 100-250V 50/60Hz AC
  • Dimensions: 795mm (w) x 568mm (h) x 417mm (d)
  • Weight: 55kg

For further information on Gavi and other Genea Biomedx products, please contact us at

Gavi is a CE marked instrument. This device will not be available for sale in US until FDA clearance is obtained. Contact us regarding clearance and product availability.

1.   Roy, T. K., Brandi, S., Tappe, N. M., Peura, T. T., McArthur, S. J., Stojanov, T. (2013) Automated Closed Vitrification Instrument Delivers Equivalent Outcomes to a Manual Open Vitrification Method for Embryos. Berlin, Germany: The 3rd International Congress on Controversies in Cryopreservation of Stem Cells, Reproductive Cells, Tissue and Organs 
 2.   Roy, T. K., Brandi, S., Tappe, N. M., Vom, E., Peura, T. T., McArthur, S. J., Bowman, M. C., Stojanov, T. (2013) Novel automated instrument executing a standardised closed vitrification protocol yields equivalent outcomes with human blastocysts when compared with open manual vitrification system. London, United Kingdom: 29th Annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.