What if we could supply products to the world faster?

This was a question we knew we had to answer from the outset. How do we ensure supply of our products to the clinics and labs around the world in a timely manner from the relative isolation of Australia?

After all, the majority of the world’s IVF clinics located in the Northern Hemisphere, expansion of the Genea Biomedx manufacturing facilities to a location central to Europe made sense.

So, in June 2014, Genea Biomedx officially opened the doors of our European headquarters at Discovery Park in East Kent, United Kingdom. The potential of this location was instantly apparent; proximity to major European markets, infrastructure to support both sea and rail transport to mainland Europe and future expansion possibilities.

We already have over ten employees staff on the ground at our UK facilities, and in future months are set to grow this even more as we look to gain site certification, and ultimately start commercial manufacturing.

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