Third Party Software

This document contains Third Party Software Notices and/or Additional Terms and Conditions for licensed third party software components included within Genea Biomedx products.

Third Party Software     


Python 2.7.9 PSF license & Software interpreter
PSF License:

Free RTOS Modified GPL license:

RAMTex Library RAMTEX Systems License Agreement:
This is a legal agreement between you, the Customer, and RAMTEX International ApS. By Opening the sealed disk package, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, promptly return the unopened disk package and the accompanying items (including hardware, written materials and to the place you obtained them for a full refund.

In exchange for the non-exclusive right to use the Product, the Customer agrees to the following terms:
1. GRANT OF LICENSE. RAMTEX grants to you the right to use the enclosed library source code in ONE site. RAMTEX grants to you the right to reproduce and distribute executable files and object files created using the source library, without additional licences or fees, This right does not include any C source files delivered.

2. COPYRGHT The SOFTWARE is by RAMTEX International Aps or its suppliers and is protected by national copyright laws and international treaty provisions. Therefore, you must treat the SOFTWARE like any other copyrighted material (e.g., a book or musical recording) except that you may make copies the original solely for backup or archival purposes. You may not copy the written materials accompanying the software.

3. SOURCE CODE AND DERIVATED WORKS: In exchange for the benefit from having the access to the library source code, if provided in whole or in part the Customer agrees to protect the code and the copyright and property rights Of RAM TEX International ApS, Such protection includes, but is not limited to, a) the Customer not disclosing the code and the way it functions to any parts not bound by this agreement, and b) the Customer not allowing any part not bound by this agreement to copy or use the Product or documentation in violation of this agreement.

4 TRANSFER: The may transfer' this License and Product along with, all originals, any copies and the documentation to another party provided that such party agrees in writing to be legally bound by these terms. The Customer’s rights shall terminate upon transfer and the Customer agrees to discontinue immediately the use of the Product upon transfer, immediately to destroy all retained copies,

LIMITED WARRANTY. The software disks are warranted against material physical defect for 30 days from the receipt of the package. For the same period, the software is warranted against significant errors Chat makes it unusable for systems compiler versions original provided by RAM TEX International ApS If the Customer notifies RAM TEX within this 30 days period, RAMTEX will replace any defective disk and/or attempt to correct or help the Customer to avoid errors in the software with efforts that RAMTEX believes are suitable to the problem. Other than the foregoing warranties, RAMTEX International ApS makes no warranties, express or implied, and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantable or fitness for any particular purpose. RAMTEX International ApS further reserves the right to make changes the specifications of the product without obligation notify any person or organization of such changes.

Windows Embedded Standard with Service Pack 1  

QT Qt -
License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1

NGinx BSD like license:

Geri Connect 

Third Party Software


Debian 8.2 Operating system
Various licenses:

NGinx 1.7.9 HTTP server
Permissive license:

uwsgi Web app request container
LGPL 2 license:

PostgreSQL Server 9.4.5 Database
PostgreSQL license:  postgresql-9.4@ main

Web2Py 2.12.3 Server application framework, Database access layer
LGPL 3.0 license: Version 2.12.3-stable+timestamp.2015.

angular.js 1.3.7 Client application framework, Presentation layer
MIT license:

jQuery 2.1.1 Requirement of angular.js
MIT license:

require.js 2.1.15 Javascript dependency management
MIT license:

Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.1 HTML/CSS cosmetic presentation framework
MIT license:

moment.js 2.10.2 Javascript time and date management library
MIT license:

Bootstrap-slider 1.0.1 Javascript/HTML/CSS cosmetic presentation library
Apache 2.0 license:

Python 2.7.9 Software interpreter
PSF License:

Redis 2.8.17 In-memory data store (cache)
BSD3 License:

D3.js 3.5.16 Chart and data visulaization
BSD3 License:

Flask 0.10.1 HTTP server for microservice
BSD3 License:

FFMPEG 2.8.2 Video file remuxer and frame grabber
LGPL 2.1 License: (--disable-gpl  --disable-nonfree)

Rabbitmq 3.3.5-1.1 Asynchronous messaging broker used in conjunction with Celery for queueing and executing background tasks
MPL-1.1 License:

Celery 3.1.23 Asynchronous task queue
BSD3 License:

PyAV 0.3.1 Python wrapper for using FFMPEG
BSD3 License:

fonts-droid 1:4.4.4r2-6 Font with extensive style and language support
Apache 2.0 License:

CloneZilla 2.5 Tool used to create bootable DVD for setup of Geri Connect Laptop
GPL 2 License:

Ubuntu 16.04 OS for running the web client on the Geri Connect Laptop
Custom license, based on GPL:

Xen 4.6 Virtualisation on the Geri Connect Laptop
Xen license: GPL 2

Chromium 50.0.2661.102 Browser for running the web client on the Geri Connect Laptop
BSD, others license:

Tampermonkey 4.0.69 Tool used to disable import and export in the web client on the Geri Connect Laptop
Custom License:


Third Party Software


Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

PostgreSQL 9.5

RabbitMQ 3.6.1

MassTransit 3.0

AppGyver Steroids 5.0                                                                    

NiceLabel SDK 6.0