Gems: Culture media suite cultivated for more than 30 years

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Genea’s embryologists and andrologists have worked on the frontline of fertility for decades, so we truly understand that quality culture medium is essential for optimum patient outcomes. So that is why we have developed, produced and used our own media formulations since 1991. In clinical use since 2013, we’re excited to share our third generation embryo culture medium suite; Gems.

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To ensure our medium suite is of consistent high quality & reaches you in optimal condition, every aspect of the product has been considered to maximise ease of use – right down to the labels. Coded by colour and symbols, they make products on the shelf easily identifiable at a glance.

Genea Biomedx Gems 3 bottle image green checkboxManufactured in an ISO13485 certified facility
green checkboxOver an estimated 5,000 IVF babies borni
green checkboxExtensively tested
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Geri Medium: Continuous Culture Media

We know that uninterrupted embryo culture contributes to the successful expansion of families undergoing assisted reproductive therapy. Geri Medium is the final piece to the Geri ecosystem which allows each embryo to develop uninterrupted in a controlled individualised chamber under the watchful eye of inbuilt time-lapse technology.
Genea Biomedx Geri ecosystem
Geri Medium is the continuous culture medium which is optimised to support embryos throughout all stages of development. Our newest addition to the Gems culture suite contains balanced compounds to replace Cleavage and Blastocyst sequential medium with one Gems media solution.
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By using Geri Medium, embryos create their own micro-environment once and retain it for the entire culture period, mimicking the in vivo conditions.ii Furthermore, embryologists no longer need to refresh culture media and expose embryos to an external detrimental atmosphere at any point throughout in vitro culture.
green checkbox Time-saving: no need to change media during 5/6 day culture means embryologists can spend more time where it is needed, selecting the best embryo for implantation and focusing on the patient.
green checkbox Risk-saving: less movement between dishes reduces the risk of lost embryos or spilled media/oil.
green checkbox Cost-saving: one media = lower numbers of dishes prepared = less oil and consumables used.
green checkbox Optimised for continuous culture: ideal for use within Geri, Genea Biomedx’ time-lapse incubator.

Gems Continuous Culture Clinical Outcomes: The proof is in the results

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This study revealed improved embryo development and utilisation rates using a single patient-per-chamber time-lapse incubator system with single-step medium as compared with using the same time-lapse system with sequential media and with conventional culture, using a bench-top incubator with sequential media. This suggests that minimising interruption of embryos improves clinical outcomes and therefore, highlights the importance of undisturbed in vitro culture.

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See your Merck representative for Gems sales within Europe, Canada and Japan. See your EMD Serono representative for sales within US.

iANZARD Report 2014
ii“Theoretical advantages include reducing the possibility of stress to embryos associated with exposing them to a different medium composition on day 3. Switching of the embryos from one medium to another may cause additional osmotic or other shock and/or deprive them of any paracrine or autocrine factor they may have produced during the first culture period.” Ref: Smith, Gary D., Jason E. Swain, and Thomas B. Pool. Embryo Culture. 1st ed. New York: Humana Press, 2012. Print.
iiiGeri Poster 2017 Geri and Geri Medium improved embryo development and blastocyst utilisation QRTF247-01 ESHRE 2017