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Welcome to Genea Biomedx

We started life within a world leading fertility clinic known as Sydney IVF (now called Genea). With over 30 years’ experience we’ve worked hand in hand with embryologists, andrologists, clinicians and nurses to create consistently better outcomes for clinics and their patients. 

At Genea Biomedx, our focus is on making a big impact on the way fertility treatment is undertaken - by transforming our immense wealth of expertise into practical, accessible, precise technology that aims to significantly improve lab outcomes and ultimately patient outcomes. 

At Genea Biomedx, we are driven by asking What if.


What if:

  • we took our innovations directly to clinics worldwide?

  • we could achieve all this now?

  • we worked with world leading fertility scientists to further improve fertility outcomes?

Genea Biomedx is doing exactly that. Come, take a look and some of what we are working on. 

Contact us regarding clearance and product availability.