Gems: An integral part of our success story

Quality culture medium is essential for optimum fertility outcomes. At Genea, we want to have the best outcomes for our patients. Embryo culture media is an important part of that. So that is why we have developed, produced and use our own media formulations since 1991.

Developed as the world’s first three-step sequential culture media, it was coupled together with together with benchtop incubators and doubled our IVF success rates1 at the time. The second generation of this medium suite, marketed under the Sydney IVF brand for over 15 years, has been used in over 600 clinics across 60 countries.

Used exclusively within Genea clinics since 2013, we’re excited to share our third generation embryo culture medium suite; Gems.

What if culture medium is made for the way you work?

Genea embryologists and andrologists have worked on the frontline of fertility for decades, so we truly understand the demands of the clinical environment. Firstly, we want a medium suite that is consistently high in quality. For this reason, Gems will be manufactured in state-of-the-art, medical device accredited facilities in Australia and the UK, making for consistent supply.

All batches are extensively tested as part of our quality control, and our validated distribution network will ensure Gems reaches you in optimal condition.

We also listened to the feedback of our own scientists who advised that the packaging of current culture medium options can be somewhat confusing. To this end, we have designed Gems to be user-friendly. Every aspect of the product has been considered to maximise ease of use – right down to the labels. Coded by colour and symbols, they make products on the shelf easily identifiable at a glance. A small detail, but one that can save valuable time every day and contribute to a well-run, productive laboratory.

The end result? A medium suite we already use with such confidence that we’re now making it available to scientists right around the world.

The proof is in the results

The beauty of Gems is that it has already been in clinical use for over three years at Genea fertility clinics. In fact we’ve been using Gems exclusively since February 2013. 2013 Genea clinical outcomes with Gems Medium Suite2.

Efficacy of Gems Media Suite


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1 Jansen, Robert. Getting pregnant: a compassionate resource to overcoming infertility and avoiding miscarriage. 2nd edition. Allen & Unwin (2003) p.395.
2 Implantation rates from fresh embryo transfer cycles (excluding PGD, donor and surrogate cycles) completed at Genea Fertility clinics during 2013. Data collected and audited internally.

3 Implantation rate calculated as fetal heart per embryo transferred as measured at seven week ultrasound.

Gems is a CE marked culture media suite. However, will not be available for sale in US until 510(k) clearance is obtained. Contact us regarding clearance and product availability.