Who we are

Genea Biomedx is part of the Genea family (previously known as Sydney IVF) - fertility and IVF clinics that has been operating since 1986. We design and manufacture IVF devices that aim to simplify, standardise and automate fertility treatment. We want to improve clinical outcomes by reducing the effects of difficult-to-control factors, such as a particular scientist’s skill or a change in temperature. We are creating products that aim to significantly improve IVF industry standards around the world.

Why us?

Being part of the Genea IVF family means we have direct access to our own fertility clinics. The unique relationship with Genea Fertility means Genea Biomedx is a manufacturer that truly understands the customers’ perspective, because we always listen carefully to our embryologists' and doctors’ suggestions. We extensively evaluate all new innovations within our own clinics before launching globally. Only once we have passed the high standards of our own fertility clinics, will a product be considered viable for the wider fertility community.

Our R&D lab

Genea Biomedx’ R&D laboratories deliver key functions and provide a differentiating factor, as they enable our team of scientists to conduct many research and experiments in-house during product development. The presence of these extensive facilities within our head office affords us the opportunity to conduct further testing and evaluation before introducing that product into our clinics and ultimately launching globally.