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What if we could do better?

Wherever you’re from, whatever fertility clinic you’re working in, at some point this thought has probably crossed your mind – what if we could do this better?

At Genea Biomedx, we ask ourselves this every single day.

It’s what inspires us to find real, game-changing solutions to the difficult issues clinics face. And we know these challenges first hand because we started life within a fertility clinic known as Sydney IVF, now called Genea.

Innovation is in our blood.

For nearly 30 years, Genea has worked hand in hand with embryologists, andrologists, clinicians and nurses to create consistently better outcomes for clinics and their patients. This is now evolving to incorporate the production of fertility technologies which can advance ART outcomes around the world.

Collaborating with Genea’s scientists and nurses is what enables Genea Biomedx to be on the forefront of innovative developments across the entire fertility spectrum. Genea Fertility offer world leading fertility expertise from pre to post conception in locations around Australia as well as in New Zealand, Thailand and Czech Republic.

Genea Consult offers a comprehensive consulting service backed by over 30 years’ experience in global fertility clinic set-up and management.

Genea Biocells supplies and develops disease-specific pluripotent and differentiated human stem cells for use in genetic disease medical research.

By working closely with industry leading professionals within this network, real life solutions are developed by consciously considering the end user experience in conjunction withimproving patient outcomes.

This passion for research and innovation is not something new. For more than two decades, Genea has had a unique commitment to re-investing close to 10% of revenue back into R&D. It is this ongoing investment that has created the fantastic opportunity for Genea Biomedx to develop and commercialise innovative fertility technology.

So yes, we’re newcomers with a lot of history. And we aim to make a big impact on the way things are done in fertility – by transforming our immense wealth of expertise into practical, accessible, precise technology that aims to significantly improve industry standards.

Doing what we do better.

Standardising and automating tricky processes is our focus.

We want to improve lab outcomes by reducing the effects of difficult-to-control factors such as a particular scientist’s skill or a change in temperature.

We’re creating products that take randomness out of the assisted fertility equation.

Making it real.

We have another massive advantage. Direct access to a fully operational fertility clinic and research lab. We extensively evaluate all new innovations within our own clinics before going to market.

Only when we match or surpass the high standards that our own fertility clinic staff achieve with existing protocols, is a product even considered viable for the wider fertility community.

And with Genea’s proud history of success, our own embryologists are some of the toughest critics you’ll meet.

We’ve set the bar extremely high for ourselves. Already we’re starting to leap it. If you are willing to take your career and clinic forward, or even if you just want further information on the products we have available or for further information on any of our products in development, please download our brochure or contact us today.

Contact us regarding clearance and product availability.