Easy-to-use Electronic Witnessing System

Gidget® is an easy-to-use electronic witnessing system to aid sample identification and tracking during ART procedures, and to minimise the chance of human errors occurring. Not only is it an electronic witnessing system, it also provides a customisable workflow management system that is configurable to any clinical lab.

Gidget can facilitate the identification and traceability of IVF samples, in accordance with EU directives and best-practice scientific guidelines for electronic witnessing.

A modular, easy-to-use
solution for every LAB

Gidget® is an electronic witnessing and workflow management system within the ART lab and clinic environment, enabling high workflow visibility, process and consumable traceability and streamlined reporting.


Increased confidence fot he lab: reduced distractiona and stress


Increased efficiency of operations


Designed to adapt to a lab´s existing infraestructura and ART procedures.


Risk mitigation and traceability: mismatches and procedure deviations.

Patient support

Supports reliable services for patients


Tracking of consumables used within specific cycles.

Designed to adapt to your lab’s existing infrastructure and ART Procedures

The low complexity of Gidget® enables easy and fast integration into the lab. Gidget® communicates via Wi-Fi and no modification to the lab furnishing is needed.

In addition, its modular approach enables integration of new functionalities with minimal disruption for the lab.

Customised to suit individual laboratory needs.

The Gidget® WebApp is the proprietary web-based software package for creating, managing and witnessing patient samples and workflow processes in an ebryology laboratory.

Anywhere, anytime

The cycle information and detailed procedure status by patient can be conveniently accessed through handheld and WebApp. Check all the information from your home.

Do not miss anything

The Active Patients screen is the main Gidget® WebApp interface, providing a summary of all patients that currently have an active cycle along with information on their cycle status.

Easy-to-use Interface

With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-read symbols with colour coding. Gidget® enables high visibility of daily activity until Day 7, positively impacting workflow management and lab efficiency.

Everything at a glance

Using a Wireless network connection, the hand-held devices communicate with a centralised computer system (CCS). All transactions are recorded to a data base.

Handheld Scanner

The Gidget® Handheld Scanner is a barcode reader integrated with an Apple iPod Touch® running the dedicated Gidget® application


In addition to electronic witnessing, Gidget® incorporates process scheduling tools to help manage task workflow and improve traceability in the laboratory.

Gidget® provides risk minimization and change control for increased reliability, traceability in the ART lab beyond witnessed processes and exportable user traceability logs and streamlined reports wich could be used for audits, inspection and accreditation.

Real-time information
& monitoring

The Gidget® dashboard supports increased workflow visibility and automatically updates via Wi-Fi as procedures progress. Procedures status for the day and for a particular patient is displayed on the handheld to aid workflow steps.

Workflow customisation

Gidget® aids error prevention and enables a customised intelligent ART assistance for clinical workflow management and patient tracking by being available on any lab PC through the Gidget® Web App.

Traceability & Reporting

Ensuring high quality data is available to trace sample and audit results is a key requirement in the electronic witnessing environment.

How Gidget® works

Upon installation, Gidget will be configured according to your clinic processes. Laboratory supervisors and administrators define workflow rules.

Electronic witnessing

Two levels of critical mismatch errors are highlighted across devices as soon as they happen and require supervisor approval to proceed further aiding quality control.

  1. Patient mismatch error
  2. Sample mismatch error

Customer spotlight


I don’t find anything about working with the incubator bothersome. It’s user-friendly. Service is trouble-free. There’s no worry about it at all. It is beautifully maintained, has excellent displays and what helps us the most is it has remote access… that’s the thing we use to the max!


The moment we have the slightest problem we call them, they are always available, and if they can’t solve the problem by directing us over the phone on what we need to do, within half a day they come directly to our headquarters and come to see the incubator.

The engineers are all local. This is extremely positive because in case of problems, we call and they can solve the problems remotely or by immediately going on site.

Being able to see the time lapse images so clearly allows you to see the beginning developments of embryos, which is really crucial when deciding on which embryo to transfer. An embryo that does unusual first and second divisions do not correlate as highly with ongoing pregnancy rates than those that do. So when you’re trying to choose between a group of embryos having that seamless video from beginning of the embryo development after the fertilization is absolutely crucial in deciding which embryos should be used, in which order.

The Geri has an attractive, neat footprint and remote access from any computer which is very important for me when I am off-site and would like to check an embryo for a member of the team. The customer service is great. Our engineer is Lewis and he is available to help with all aspects of the machine. The team is knowledgeable and responsive. I would recommend Geri because as well as it being for time-lapse, it is also a very good humidified incubator, user friendly and easy to maintain.

We are very grateful for this incredible opportunity which will support us to carry out more innovative research projects focused on the impact of humidified environment on embryo culture systems and to incorporate time-lapse technology in our OPU-ICSI and SCNT equine cycles!

As a user of Geri and Gems Media, Genea Biomedx means proximity, trust and reliability. We have been together since 2016… and we will continue to be.

The way we can check the embryos, if an alarm goes off, to make sure that everything is as it should be… remotely. Because you have got your own user status hubs that allow you to see absolutely everything all the time. When you are at home at 10 o’clock at night and your alarms go off you need that. It gives me real peace of mind. It has changed, literally changed my life, in the last 18 months.

We’ve been using the Genea Biomedx Geri for 6 years now, it has been the mainstay of our culture system.  I appreciate the fact that the system was designed from the ground up with constant input from embryologists.  The interface is logical and very easy to use, and having six independent culture chamber modules, each with its own camera, makes the system extremely flexible.  The design of the time-lapse dish is terrific, it is very easy to handle, and there are three large wells for rinsing and one large well with 16 micro-wells deep enough to keep embryos in place.  The dish design also allows room for 4ml of oil overlay so that the culture media is better protected.  The Genea Biomedx Geri is simply a great incubator- it has been a great addition to the laboratory.

Support documents

QRTM331 Genea Biomedx – Gidget GCA Brochure
Gidget® User Manual – English
Gidget® User Manual – German
Gidget® User Manual – Spanish
Gidget® User Manual – French
Gidget® User Manual – Italian
Gidget® User Manual – Japanese
Gidget® User Manual – Thai
Gidget® User Manual – Chinese

Prior to use, always ensure that the most recent version of the online User Manual/Instructions for Use is being used.

Customers are advised to download and save the electronic versions of the User Manuals/Instructions for Use prior to use.

Hard copies of the User Manuals/Instructions for Use for any purchased Genea Biomedx product are available upon request and provided within 7 calendar days from receiving a request.