Designed to minimise changes in the embryo´s environment

Geri® an innovative incubator with integrated embryo monitoring system.

The perfect partner for the Geri® incubator to provide an optimal culture system.

Gems® Your complete range of IVF and Vitrification media

Streamline critical steps of your IVF process

Gidget® electronic witnessing through every step of the patient cycle

For standardised vitrification with high-quality results

Gavi®: World´s first technology to automate the critical equilibration steps in the vitrification process

Advanced Liquid Nitrogen Storage System with Enhanced Security and Monitoring Capabilities

Gelida Lite: A cutting-edge Liquid Nitrogen Storage System offering secure, real-time monitoring and robust online management.

Unlock the potential of precision genomics with
Genie Sequencer

Your gateway to rapid, accurate, and flexible sequencing for groundbreaking discoveries.

The Genie Sequencer stands as a pioneering sequencer designed to decode the complexities of DNA with remarkable speed and precision.

Cutting-Edge Genetic Testing

Genie-Plus & Genie-A: Advanced PGT Kits for Enhanced IVF Outcomes