Award-winning incubator with integrated continuous embryo monitoring system

The incubator for an embryo is absolutely critical and essential for its survival while being cultured outside of the uterus.
Geri® is a compact modular benchtop incubator that incorporates time-lapse imaging to capture critical developmental stages of embryo development.
Designed to offer an individualised and undisturbed incubation, Geri® provides stable culture conditions in an optimal environment.

Focus on what matters:
The Embryo

Our benchtop incubator is designed to provide individualized and stable culture conditions helping to achieve an optimal environment to improve embryo viability and quality.

Undisturbed incubation

Geri® has six, individual single-patient chambers, each independently controlled.

Fail-safe mechanisms

Safety features, redundancies and alarm functions ensure that stable conditions are maintained.

Monitor incubation conditions in real time

Individual sensors in each chamber enable monitoring of critical parameters within the incubator.

Improved lab efficiency

Geri® is designed as an easy-to-use, compact benchtop incubator with a minimal footprint for easy integration into your lab.

Integrated embryo monitoring

A dedicated high-resolution camera in each chamber provides continuous monitoring of each embryo’s development.

Modular software offer

Geri® software is built on a modular approach to allow integration of new functionalities over time.

Creating optimal, culture conditions

Changes in the environmental variables can dramatically impact media efficacy and embryo development.

Geri® is designed to minimise changes in the embryo’s environment, reducing the stress caused by lid openings and supporting gamete function and embryo development.

Six individual chambers

Each chamber is independently controlled and designed to hold a single patient’s embryos.

Disruption free analysis

  • State-of-the-art integrated continuous embryo monitoring system.
  • Individual microscope with high-resolution camera in each chamber for reduced camera movement.


  • Long wavelength light source (550-650nm) in cameras to reduce light-induced damage to vulnerable early developing embryos.
  • Reduced total energy output compared to traditional microscopy.


  • Double heating elements in each chamber ensure temperature stability.
  • Rapid recovery of user set point within 60 seconds of closing the lid.
  • 4 temperature sensors accurately detect abnormal conditions.
  • Audible temperature alarm and option for external alarm connection.
  • External temperature probe port.


  • Regulator maintains consistent gas flow.
  • Purge functionality for rapid recovery of user-defined values within 3 minutes.
  • A CO2 sensor in each chamber detects abnormal gas conditions.
  • Independent gas lines for each chamber.
  • External CO2 probe port.


  • Aims to minimise increases in osmolality levels that can impact embryo development.
  • Option to choose humidified or dry chamber based on customer experience.
  • Humidity alarm can be enabled for each chamber.
  • Humidity is continuously tracked by independent sensors and can be monitored on the incubator’s parameter screen.

The Effect of Humidifies incubation in Geri® (humified).

In vivo culture requires humid conditions. Geri® offers an optional humidified environment in each chamber, enhancing embryo development and potentially improving reproductive outcomes.

Valera et al (2022) Human Reproduction 37(9):1980–1993

Smart Innovation: Geri® Dish

The Geri® dish has 16 microwells for individual embryo tracking whilst at the same time shared media permits group culture, which may be beneficial for improved embryo development.

Geri®: Personalized incubation

All the patient’s dishes are cultured in Geri®

Reducing variability in gas, temperature and pH conditions. There is no need for an extra incubator, with the costs of electricity, gas and maintenance.

Get the most out of Geri® with Geri Connect & Asses®

Maximise Geri® efficiency with the advanced Geri Connect & Assess® system, offering remote in-lab control to enhance workflow and lab operations. This system supports secure, confidential patient interactions both in consultations and via home access. Share and export data seamlessly as videos and images through its user-friendly interface.

Customer spotlight


I don’t find anything about working with the incubator bothersome. It’s user-friendly. Service is trouble-free. There’s no worry about it at all. It is beautifully maintained, has excellent displays and what helps us the most is it has remote access… that’s the thing we use to the max!


The moment we have the slightest problem we call them, they are always available, and if they can’t solve the problem by directing us over the phone on what we need to do, within half a day they come directly to our headquarters and come to see the incubator.

The engineers are all local. This is extremely positive because in case of problems, we call and they can solve the problems remotely or by immediately going on site.

Being able to see the time lapse images so clearly allows you to see the beginning developments of embryos, which is really crucial when deciding on which embryo to transfer. An embryo that does unusual first and second divisions do not correlate as highly with ongoing pregnancy rates than those that do. So when you’re trying to choose between a group of embryos having that seamless video from beginning of the embryo development after the fertilization is absolutely crucial in deciding which embryos should be used, in which order.

The Geri has an attractive, neat footprint and remote access from any computer which is very important for me when I am off-site and would like to check an embryo for a member of the team. The customer service is great. Our engineer is Lewis and he is available to help with all aspects of the machine. The team is knowledgeable and responsive. I would recommend Geri because as well as it being for time-lapse, it is also a very good humidified incubator, user friendly and easy to maintain.

We are very grateful for this incredible opportunity which will support us to carry out more innovative research projects focused on the impact of humidified environment on embryo culture systems and to incorporate time-lapse technology in our OPU-ICSI and SCNT equine cycles!

As a user of Geri and Gems Media, Genea Biomedx means proximity, trust and reliability. We have been together since 2016… and we will continue to be.

The way we can check the embryos, if an alarm goes off, to make sure that everything is as it should be… remotely. Because you have got your own user status hubs that allow you to see absolutely everything all the time. When you are at home at 10 o’clock at night and your alarms go off you need that. It gives me real peace of mind. It has changed, literally changed my life, in the last 18 months.

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*QRTM210-2 ASRM Gavi White Paper: Figure 1: Blastocyst recovery and survival outcomes for Cryotop® and Gavi® systems