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Genea Biomedx is a global leader in comprehensive in vitro fertilisation (IVF) solutions, delivering innovative technologies to which empower patients to realise their dream of growing their family. Our cutting-edge devices enhance clinical outcomes by addressing variables like human error and environmental factors.

With user-friendly interfaces and automation, we boost efficiency and minimise errors. Through cutting-edge devices hosting intuitive interfaces and automated features, we provide consistent optimal clinical outcomes by increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of error. Committed to research and development, we set new industry standards. As a trusted partner, we provide exceptional customer service and support to laboratories worldwide, offering a holistic IVF solution for healthcare professionals and patients.


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Genea collaborates closely with embryologists, andrologists, clinicians, and nurses to consistently improve outcomes for clinics and their patients. During this time, we have designed and developed award-winning products, which now serve as the foundation for our continued global expansion and accelerated growth.

Genea Biomedx Values

At Genea Biomedx, our team operates with a core set of values which support our vision and shape our culture.

Our main values are:

A global IVF leader

with innovative solutions.

Continuous innovation

Core mission ensuring cutting-edge devices for optimal outcomes

Committed to research

Setting industry standards with exceptional global customer service.

Trusted by healthcare professionals

Offering a holistic IVF solution.

Personalised service

Person-to-person interaction is our hallmark value

Leadership Team

// Spain

Marian Garriga

Chief Executive Officer

Marian Garriga has a business background with strong marketing and customer experience expertise, has worked in international environments in the UK, the US and Spain, and knows and understands the ART Industry from inside and out, most recently as Global Chief Marketing, Communications and Sales Officer of IVI RMA Global.

// Australia

Teija Peura

Chief Scientific Officer

Teija Peura’s background is in academic science with PhD and post-doctoral roles in animal reproductive biotechnology in Finland and Australia, and since 2003 she has traversed from Sydney IVF/Genea R&D lab to leading Biomedx product development, into business development and eventually returning to a scientific role.

// Australia

Tom Beckitt

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Beckitt, with expertise in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Clinical Trials, has extensive experience in pharmaceutical, veterinary, and medical device industries in the UK and Australia. He specialises in drug discovery, vaccine development, and assisted reproductive technologies. Joining Genea Biomedx in 2015, he plays a key role in the strategic growth and development of the company.

// Australia

Bekezela Ngwenya

Global Director Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Bekezela Ngwenya has over 15 years of experience in quality assurance in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. She has a proven track record in establishing and maintaining quality management systems and is experienced in ensuring compliance with local and international standards. She is responsible for ensuring the quality and compliance of products manufactured by Genea Biomedx. Bekezela holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry and a Masters of Business and Technology.

Our locations


Genea Biomedx UK Showroom

103, Drysdale Street, Timber Yard, London, UK


Genea Biomedx European Workshop​

Edificio NET-Pharma Local 11 Carretera de Fuencarral, 22 Madrid, Spain


Genea Biomedx Product Development Office and Workshop​

Factory 2/6 Viewtech, Rowville, Melbourne, Australia​


Genea Biomedx European Head Office & Showroom​

Ronda Guglielmo Marconi, 11 Edificio A 1º Paterna, Valencia, Spain


Genea Biomedx Head Office

321 Kent Street, Sydney, Australia

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