Gems®: Your complete range of IVF and Vitrification media

Genea’s embryologists and andrologists have worked on the frontline of fertility for decades, so we truly understand that quality culture medium is essential for optimum patient outcomes. So that is why we have developed, produced and used our own media formulations since 1991. In clinical use since 2013, we’re excited to share our third generation embryo culture medium suite; Gems®.


Designed by users for users

Genea’s dedicated embryologists and andrologists have worked passionately in assisted reproductive technology for decades, we understand that quality culture medium is essential for the best possible outcomes for patients.  That is why we have developed, produced and used our own media formulations since 1991.  Gems®, our third generation culture media suite, in use clinically since 2013 and exported globally.


Optimised for every step

  • The Gems® suite has a media for every step of the ART process from oocyte collection, sperm preparation, embryo culture (either continuous or sequential), vitrification and warming.
  • An embryologist’s focus is achieving optimal culture conditions for gametes and embryos while they are in the lab. Gems® media has key components to support growth and maintain a constant environment especially osmolality and pH.
  • To maximise ease of use Gems® has colour coded labels to make the products easily identifiable at a glance.

Quality Assured

  • Our media is manufactured in our ISO 13485 accredited manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia.
  • Each media lot produced is QC tested for sterility, endotoxin, biocompatibility by mouse embryo assay, osmolality and pH.
  • To avoid errors in use Gems® has colour coded labels to make the products easily identifiable at a glance.

Continuous Culture Clinical Outcomes: The proof is in the results

  • We stand by our products and our results speak for themselves.
  • Gems® Geri® medium allows uninterrupted culture of embryos in an optimised micro environment and results in an increase in blastocyst quality and an increase in embryo utilisation4.
  • Our results show Geri® medium can be used with or without time-lapse incubation, our experience shows that care must be taken preparing for continuous culture4.
  • This clinical study of over 40,000 embryos revealed improved embryo development and utilisation rates using a single patient-per-chamber time-lapse incubator system with single-step medium as compared with using the same time-lapse system with sequential media and with conventional culture, using a bench-top incubator with sequential media. This suggests that minimising interruption of embryos improves clinical outcomes and therefore, highlights the benefits of undisturbed in vitro culture3.


To ensure our medium suite is of consistent high quality & reaches you in optimal condition, every aspect of the product has been considered to maximise ease of use – right down to the labels.

Coded by colour and symbols, they make products on the shelf easily identifiable at a glance.

  • Manufactured in an ISO13485 certified facility
  • Extensively tested
  • Over an estimated 5,000 IVF babies born1

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1 ANZARD Report 2014
2 “Theoretical advantages include reducing the possibility of stress to embryos associated with exposing them to a different medium composition on day 3. Switching of the embryos from one medium to another may cause additional osmotic or other shock and/or deprive them of any paracrine or autocrine factor they may have produced during the first culture period.” Ref: Smith, Gary D., Jason E. Swain, and Thomas B. Pool. Embryo Culture. 1st ed. New York: Humana Press, 2012. Print.
3 Geri Poster 2017 Geri and Geri Medium improved embryo development and blastocyst utilisation QRTF247-01 ESHRE 2017
4 Genea Biomedx (2018) Considerable evaporation and resultant osmolality changes in IVF culture media overlaid with oil [Technical Note]